Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shout Outs! Brad tute, Amazing help dieters...

Okay, I have to tell you that I recently began my "new life style" aka diet. LOL! I am thrilled to announce that I have hit the 10# mark! Now to repeat that 9 more times.... anyway, I want to share the website that is super for tracking what you eat, finding the help you need to get and (I hope) keep you motivated and so much more! It's called Sparkpeople and you can find the link at the right of my blog. Did I mention the entire thing is free?
Oh, they even have a Sparkgroup for rubberstampers, yea it was the first one I added myself too. LOL!

Now, for the other shout out. For a long time I have been wanting to put together a tutorial on dressing up brads. I don't have to anymore because at Mel Stampz you will find a wonderful article with great inspirational pictures to boot! If you don't have her site in your google reader (Okay I snuck another shout in but this is where I keep up with all the blogs I love so easily) add it!

Have you ever noticed my writing meanders just like my mind???


  1. That is fabulouse. Thanks so much for posting that information!

  2. congrats on the 10#! that's an excellent start!

  3. WOW! 10 lbs already- congrats.
    I also use Sparkpeople!

    Keep up the good owrk, healthwise AND crafty wise

    Sandy(looking for her bamboo purse stuff to get started!)

  4. Thanks for the link love (re: my brad tutorial.) And that website for weight loss support looks great. Much congrats on your progress! Thanks for sharing it; I'll have to check it out. :O)