Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

My computer. Yes, it can drive me crazy but it is such a blessing to my life. Hmm, that sounds like my kids....

Life can be challenging... computer problems

So I started having trouble getting to my blog. I do all the things suggested here at Google, but none worked. So I try to find the problem, it must be my spyware right? I did change some settings there.... guess what, it won't let me change them. So I try to log on at an earlier date setting... no help there. I still can't get to my blogs (which by the way they had even sent me a new password for and then told me there was nothing else they could do for privacy purposes). I was on my own. That is not a good thing. I drive these things but am not savvy enough to fix them.

Oh, one thing I am inserting here, some folks are saying they had problems because of their page counters so I have removed mine just in case.

So how is it that I am here today? Since my main computer is nutso (so bad now that I can't even get it started, says I am missing a certain .dll file which I need to install before it can load. Umm, how do you load a file when your computer won't load? I mean there was a time when I could maybe have done this at the computer prompt but since that isn't even a choice, well, this poor (literally) woman is just plain stuck! Oh yea, how I am here, I hooked up an old computer of mine. It has vision problems, kink of like looking at the print during a wind blown rain. But at least I can get here and to my banking, my Google reader, my email and groups and Sparkpeople where I keep track of my calories and so much more. Hey I believe the computer has an umbilical cord connected straight to me! Yep, I have been dying.

So now the next step for me in the frustrating saga? I need to find the box that has the original computer disks to reload on my other computer. I have gone through at least 30 to 40 boxes that are yet unpacked and no luck thus far. I am also going to check my portable zip drive and see if that file is there. I may find someone who can tell me how to get it on my other 'puter right? Maybe?

So, I will not be crafting for awhile it seems. I won't bother you all with my sad story until it is resolved. If you are wise to my problems and leave a comment of advice I intend to check here to see. It would be most appreciated.

Frankly if you read this you must be one of my most sincere friends and God bless you!

Creatively until next blog.....