Monday, November 30, 2009

Pop Star Instructions

Here is how I did my stars:

Carefully cut your pop cans so you can get as large a flat piece as possible. Be careful as edges can be sharp.

Cut the pieces using your Sizzix 5 point star die in your die cut machine of choice. I got two pieces from each can.

Run the pieces through again embossing with the Cuttlebug folders.

Color the pieces with alcohol ink and allow to dry or heat set.

Score the folding lines on the top of the pieces. Usually you do this on the back side but with the aluminum this won't work as well.

Assemble the stars. I found that using a small stapler very near the score lines worked pretty well.

Punch a hole to hang or tape a loop to the back.

How fun was that?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pop Stars

Have you ever felt that you could create a pop star? Well, I have no doubt that you can. I mean if I can do it you can too. Now I am not talking about the next American Idol, oh no, far cooler than that. Do people still say cool?

Anyway, using a Sizzix Bigz 5 point star die, a few Cuttlebug folders, some Adirondack inks by Ranger Industries, your trusty small stapler and a little patience you can have one too.

Oh yes, you need aluminum pop cans. ;-)

They are about 8 1/4" inch tall.

Until next time...
Cindy cade