Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Valentine

This is a valentine I made for an article at RubberRoadAdventures Newsletter. Again it features my 3D Pop Up technique. It should be up soon so keep checking if you are curious about its details.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Everyone seems to be into 3D these days so...

I had to join in. Now I don't get to see most films in 3D, according to the experts I have no depth perception, but really that means my perception is just different than yours. Different isn't always bad now is it? I did once experience a 3d movie, because the screen is so huge at Disney World and the glasses are a better quality, I actually got to see what you all do all the time. I was probably the most excited kid the room (I was only in my 40's after all)!

Lately I have had so many creative ideas storm my brain that I feel I am about to burst. Finally I just told myself to let the other stuff in my life go and get back to what I like to do; Play! I am very glad I listen to my own advice.

Oh yea, back to the 3D, oh how I can ramble... Here is my project of today. I only wish I could get a better picture. Do you see the dimension? I mean how can you miss it? No this isn't a bunch of flowers stacked on each other, well not completely.

I have seen pretty punches that are dimensional in that you can pull up the butterfly's wings, or the sides of a heart. They are nice but they are a little too subtle for me. I love bold! So enter my 3D Pop-Out technique. Hey how'd you do that you ask? Well, it shouldn't be too long before the entire tute is up at Rubber Road Adventures I am working on it now.So keep checking. I will tell you it involves those wonderful dies from Spellbinders!

Here is a more sideways view. Notice how the petals are still attached to the base layer?

You all have to do me a favor and write to Spellbinders and tell them that we need nesting daisy dies, for starters. I have others in mind too and since I know they make these all so well where else would we go?

Don''t forget most of my work is now being shared at Rubber Road Adventures where I am on both the stamping teams and the fairly new Hot Diggity Die Cut Diner. Food and crafting? Hey sounds made just for me right? LOL


Cindy Cade