Saturday, September 13, 2008

It has been awhile but....

I am getting closer!

I have lost 25#s and can't believe that just a few short months ago I was wheel-chaired through the Creation Museum because my legs wouldn't carry me that distance. Now, I could do it with no problem! Woohoo!

I have had my third day without a catastrophe (though this computer is still putting up some good fights). I am getting a few things caught up and have lots of plans and ideas running through my brain. I am so ready to play.

Also, you may notice a new button on the top right of my blog. For those of you who sell items online, be they homemade, retail or digital, here is a group that let's you trade with other web mom and pop shops. How cool is that?

Now, I know I closed my store several months back. I am not planning (at least not at this point) on going back to retail but I am going to be sharing some of my art for sale online. I have too many ideas to let sit idle so why not? Christmas is coming, as are birthdays, Sundays, I made it out of bed days, and so many other just reasons (like we really need one) to shop, right? I love the idea of supporting each other. Handmade from the hART is always best in my opinion!

OK, off to bed with me. I have plans for tomorrow.

Hugs you all and thanks for taking time to comment. It is so fun to read. BTW, miss LH, and you know who you are, it was really difficult only getting to have one name drawn. I wanted to hand pick winners. But then, I would have had to pick them all. :-)