Saturday, April 10, 2010

Converting SVG files to WPC Inkscape link

I found a direct download link (thanks to Yahoo search) Inkscape-0.45-1.win32
I even downloaded it to be sure. I have Vista on my computer and it works fine fine with it.
I did not install this one (since it is already installed but it has the exact same name and 21,938 kb so I feel that is pretty certain. I also have Kapersky and it came up clean. Smile.
Hopefully this will end the frustration for many of you too.

Converting SVG files to WPC

After converting tons of files with Inkscape I found that many did not work well in Funtime. Why? One thing I have found is that the newer vesion of Inkscape does not convert SVG to DXF very well. I searched on the web and found the 0.45 version of Inkscape and it does a great job! What a relief it was to find the right product.

My process for converting to Funtime for my Gazelle is:
1. Open the SVG file in my 0.45 version of Inkscape. Make sure it is all grouped and then save as a DXF file.
2. Import the DXF file into Funtime 2010. Group (resize as needed) and save as a WPC file.
3. Add to blue book while there. I love the blue book!