Thursday, June 25, 2009

News, I am coming out of retirement....

Life has been chaotic as usual. Hey, at least I know I am alive!

I have joined Rubber Road Adventures ezine and will be creating new projects and tutorials along with many other creative artists! If you have not checked them out yet, do! I know you will be energized!

To quote Lizabeth:

"Did you know that we published about 60 Art Tutorials in May for the Spring Edition? Did you know that we have published about 80 Art Tutorials in June for the Summer Edition? That's an incredible record of about 140 Art Tutorials in just 6 weeks here on our new Network!!!The Elite Design Professionals, the Rubber Roadies, are dedicated to our readers, Valued Vendors, and the industry. Come mingle with us; ask any questions, share your thoughts with us, take a look at our art projects, and share your artwork, too! We are here for YOU! It's time for you to take the plunge and come over: "

This is not only an ezine, btw, it is a fun network with tons of tutorials, special interest groups, chat features (hmm does this mean I will be doing live classes again soon? Maybe) and so much more!

So, look for me in the August issue. Now I am off to give two of my latest ideas life! They keep kicking at me begging to come out and play. :-)

Cindy Cade