Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Cat's in the Bag©

By Cindy Cade


Scot-It Board
Movable Parts “Just Cats”
Fishing Line or nylon thread
Heart template
Copper Tooling Foil
10 pieces of cardstock cut to 6” by 10” (five for the back of the pages and 5 for the fronts)
Stewart Superior Memories Chestnut Brown ink pad
Ranger Industries Library Green Dye ink pad
“Hearts” and “Cupid” dies by Sizzix
Wizard Die Cut Machine by Spellbinders
Alphabet Stamps
You can find most of these items available at Terryfic Times great prices and service!


I chose to use different colors for the fronts and backs. This is optional.
Simply score in the centers (five inches) fold and flatten with your score tool or bone folder.

Score every two and ½ inches producing two mountain folds and one valley fold. Fold and flatten with your score tool or bone folder.

Free cut a heart shape that is approximately 3 ½” wide by 3” tall. Fold in half and use this to score your heart shape on the tunnel pages.

Simply fold the page in half and lay the heart over the fold and trace the template with your stylus or light pencil. If using a pencil it is best to score on the back of the page. Cut out your heart. Now use this first page as your template for your other tunnel pages. Unfold and lay on top of each page and score. You will get the same placement this way.


I used a Sizzix die to cut out my hearts. I ran it through my Wizard twice producing 8 hearts. I also used the Sizzix Cupid die cutting two.

Use a strong adhesive (I used my 3m tape in my ATG runner) on the back side of four hearts and one cupid. Add your nylon thread and sandwich the matching shape to the back. Now take the hearts to your Scor-It Board and texture.

Tape these to the back center fold of your tunnel pages just above the cut out so the charm dangles freely in the center of the opening.


Choose the order you would like your charm pages to be and assemble as shown. Take your time to do this right. I used my ATG runner for this.


I simply cut some brown craft paper to layer on the front and the back and taped in place. Score one of the cut out hearts and add chalk to highlight. Adhere to cover.
Now is the time to add those adorable cats. I used my Xyron to make them stick.
On the back page, I used the “Just Cats” card as a stencil and colored with Chestnut Brown Memories Ink. It makes a great stencil!

Finally, I made a little bag to put my book in. With all of those charms wanting to dangle outside the book you couldn’t use a simple enclosure. Besides how fun it is to say; the cat’s in the bag!

If you wish to make a bag simply wrap paper around your book. To avoid having to measure, I just creased the sides where they would fit around the book, took the paper to my Scor-It Board and scored. Then wrap around your book again and tape to form the bag. Slip a box inside and fold the bottom edge as you would a present. Cut the top with pinking shears and add the “Cats” word cut again from the piece that you cats came on.

You are done.

My tip for you!

If you use your Scor-It as much as I do you may find this helpful. Keep a block of beeswax nearby and rub the groove of your tool on the edge. It will now glide on your paper. Repeat as necessary.

Cindy Cade

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  1. I love the cat in teh bag card! That is so neat.