Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well the adventure has begun. My Gazelle came Friday evening. Yay!

Those of you who loved Barbie in the 60’s will love the color of the Gazelle. It is white, hot pink and orange. I must confess mine will be altered soon. ;-) Everything is in the box, the usb cord, power cord, dongle, book, and software. It was a little confusing for me to understand how to get it all going but I managed. One big problem for me is the size of the text in the book. My eyes are old they (the fonts not my eyes) need to be bigger. I am hoping there is an online version I can just download and read on my computer more comfortably.

My next hurdle was to see if I could get all of my wonderful svg files converted to use with my Gazelle. Nope, after all those hours saving to dxf, they were all blank! I followed the instructions to the letter but maybe it is my 64 bit computer? Or my Vista? Who knows but working with Inkscape and saving it to dxf and then bringing into my Funtime 2010 isn’t working for me. After that I decided to take a break until last night.

So I decided to pull in less complicated files to see what I could do to use them. You would think I would just use one of the many wpc files freely offered on the Funtime group wouldn’t you? No, I am too advanced for that. (Yea right)! I finally had some success when I opened a file from Paulo’s site of a heart border in my Inkscape. I then changed it to black and resized it to 8.5 inches wide. I then copied the file and pasted it in my Funtime program. I used the Auto Vecto feature. I then had to close the side of the top border. Even for a beginner that was easy enough to do. I held my tongue just right and sent it to my Gazelle to cut. Success! Both the upper and the lower cut! See here they are. I saved that file as a wpc. Yippee!
I thought I had best do this again just to see if I can. So I grabbed a lace border again one from Paulo’s site. I went through the same steps but decided I only wanted the top layer. Look, even with all of those little holes, I have it! Okay it may not be perfect but it is close enough for now.

Tomorrow, I will play more with files. I will also get a shelf liner under my machine to see if it will quiet it down a bit.

All in all, for a complete beginner, I am feeling pretty good right now. My only real wish? Is there anyone who knows how I can easily convert those svg files to wpc? You would be my hero!



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