Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seasons of Life part 3 of 3


I have tried to get decent pictures but to no avail. I will have to make do with these. This just goes to show it isn't the cost of the camera it's the operator. (Blush)

I took 2 full size pieces of cover weight cardstock and used the largest scalloped rectangle die to cut the windows of my luminary. I then taped in the stamped images and backed with white cardstock so the inside is finished as well. I only had to tape two sides as I folded the two sheets in half.


I am very pleased with the results.
These stamps by Stamps Happen are simply gorgeous!


  1. This luminary is simply gorgeous! Now did you stamp the images on card stock or on vellum? Are you going to put a tea light inside? I think I may have to try this out :) thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Beautiful work Cindy! I too love these stamps, hugs Nettie x